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The Biogas Power Plant of JUZBADO (Salamanca) reaches its full power.

The Biogas power plant of ENUSA in Juzbado (Salamanca),of 500kW of power, work began in the spring of 2011, has reached its full power in January 2012.

They have fulfilled all the scheduled dates for the construction, earthmoving Starting in March 2011, which includes civil works construction in situ digesters, in June 2011, and the 1st discharge. kW in the network in November 2011.

BENTEC·BWE - Planta de Biogàs ENUSA


Professional visit of EXPOBIOENERGIA 2011 at ENUSA's Biogas Plant.
On the 20th of October saw the 'Visit Professional' Expobioenergia of 2011 at the biogas plant being built in ENUSA Bentec Biogas-to-Weser-Ems Juzbado (Salamanca).

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BENTEC at Expobioenergia 2011: 18-19-20 October 2011.
Bentec Bioenergies - Biogas-Weser-Ems in the annual edition of Expobioenergia.

Click the image to visit the main Visitor professional meeting point for professionals biogas Expobioenergía 2011 ..

Start of construction of the biogas plant of 500Kw. in Juzbado (Salamanca).
During the spring of 2011 began the construction of a biogas plant of ENUSA Juzbado (Salamanca), 500kW of power.

Earthmoving and renovation work the plot followed the building in situ digesters, phase being carried out at present, between June and August 2011.

The implementation of the facility is scheduled for the last quarter of 2011.



ENUSA and Bentec / BWE sign the contract for the future biogas plant in Juzbado.

During the month of October 2010 the companys ENUSA Industrias Avanzadas SA and Biogas-Weser-Ems (through the Spanish subsidiary Bentec Bioenergies SL), have signed the supply contract in the form of 'turnkey' the future biogas plant to be built in the town of Juzbado (Salamanca), being scheduled to start up in late 2011, following the start of construction.

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New Expobioenergia participation: 27.28.29 October 2010.
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Bentec Bioenergies - Biogas-Weser-Ems in the new edition of Expobioenergía 2010 in Valladolid

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Bentec Bioenergies SLU - Biogas-Weser-Ems GmbH at Expobioenergia 2009.
Our company Bentec Bioenergies - Biogas-Weser-Ems GmbH participated in a new edition of Expobioenergia in its 4 th edition, 2009.
BENTEC-BWE BENTEC-BWEAs in previous years, the fair was held in Valladolid (Spain) had a great turnout of exhibitors and the public, with the most notable increase in more than 10500 visitors.
Expobioenergia 2009

Expobioenergia 2009: Visit us!
Bentec Bioenergies SLU
Expobioenergia 2009: Valladolid on 21, 22 and 23 October 2009.
In this 4 th edition, you'll find us in Hall 4 - STAND No. 466.

Confirmed the presence of Bentec-BWE in the next edition of Expobioenergia.
Bentec Bioenergies SLU
This confirms the involvement of Bentec Bioenergies - Biogas Weser-Ems in the next edition of Expobioenergia, the 4th edition will be held in Valladolid on 21, 22 and 23 October 2009.

Expobioenergía has established through the previous three editions, one of the major international fairs specializing in bioenergy, being undoubtedly one of the largest in the country. For now, at 5 months of opening are 17 countries that have confirmed their presence through various bioenergetic companies, among others Japan, USA, Finland, Holland, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Austria Portugal, Spain and Colombia.

Bentec Bioenergies at II Congress Biogas Expo 2009 held in Lleida.
During the past 6 and 7 May 2009 took place in the second edition of Expo Lleida Congress on biogas, with participation as exhibitor of Bentec - BWE.
Several speakers presented their views and work are related to the present and the future world of the biogas sector which currently has a large expansion.
II Expo Congreso sobre Biogás - Bentec-BWE
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Success in participation of exhibitors and visitors in Expobioenergía 2008.
Bentec Bioenergies - Biogas Weser-Ems was one of the 414 exhibitors participating in the already finished third edition of Expobioenergía, who has already been established as one of the European fairs with a greater presence of exhibitors specializing in bio-energy.
The various exhibitors increase significantly this year compared to the previous, with a total of 20 different countries represented.
During the three days of the fair, our stand received a large number of visitors interested in the new and potential of biogas projects in Spain.
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Bentec Bioenergies - Biogas Weser-Ems
in the next exhibition Expobioenergía
which is held in Valladolid (Spain).
From 16 to 18.10.2008 we’ll be present at the 3rd
edition of the International Fair of Bioenergy 'Expobioenergía 2008'.

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Expobioenergia 2008

Visit us at Stand 276.
Hall 2, Biocombustibles Zone.
(Central corridor)


First biogas installation in Spain
made by Bentec Bioenergies - Biogas Weser-Ems.
The experienced team arrived directly from Germany made the assembly of the first installation in Spain of Bentec - Biogas Weser-Ems in Utiel (Valencia) the days 6.7.8 on September, 2008.

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The digester with the cover placed.


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