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In January 2012 the biogas plant of ENUSA at Juzbado (Salamanca) built by Bentec / BWE has achieved full power (500 kW)

BENTEC·BWE - ENUSA Biogas Power Plant

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Bentec Bioenergies SLU - Biogas Weser-Ems GmbH & Co. KG take cares for all the needs for your biogas plant, from the project to construction, until the routine maintenance and optimization.

Our experience includes more than 280 plants in operation with a total installed electric capacity of 150MW, by providing to operators overwhelming advantages in this innovative sector. This source of energy attracts increasing attention from all types of industries which consume large amounts of heat.
Our proven reliability and efectiveness will guarantee a steady and safe return, making a plant Bentec - Biogas Weser-Ems a profitable investment for the future.

The services of Bentec Bioenergies SLU - Biogas Weser-Ems GmbH not only include projects "turnkey" but also individual components. If you need to design, planning, installation and support, our experience will help.

Contact us without hesitation, in Bentec - BWE gladly advise without any obligation on your part.
Your Bentec Bioenergies - BiogasWeserEms GmbH & Co.KG team.
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